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…time to relax and unwind

…time to relax and unwind

…time to relax and unwind

Baby Massage Tuition

Baby massage is a wonderful way for Parents/Carers to connect with their baby. Through massage they can develop a deeper understanding and knowledge of their baby and how to soothe, calm and relax them.
Babies benefit from skin contact and through it you can communicate love, security and trust.
Baby massage is a simple method that helps to reinforce the natural power of touch.

What to expect from a class:

  • You will be massaging your own child
  • Massage techniques will be demonstrated on a massage doll
  • A routine will be shown and built upon each week
  • Tuition is fairly relaxed as we will be guided very much by the mood of the infant
  • Each class lasts approximately 45 minutes

Price includes a set of treatment notes and a bottle of massage oil for use at the classes and in between.

One to one tuition per class £28.00
One to one tuition 3 classes £75.00 (paid in full at first class)
(over 6 weeks old but under 6 months)