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…time to relax and unwind

…time to relax and unwind

…time to relax and unwind


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 16 reviews
by Helen P on Health Academics

I've been having treatments with Jacqui for several years now. She is a soulful, intuitive professional. Her treatments are not formulaic but responsive and effective. I can highly recommend Jacqui for any of the treatments she offers.

by catherine dimopoulos on Health Academics

I have had 5 sessions of reflexology. Jacqui's skill and technique are excellent - and just as importantly, her relaxed, caring approach ensures a safe, enjoyable holistic experience. Thank you Jacqui, for helping me to manage a difficult health issue. I would recommend you every time!

by DiP on Health Academics

I love having treatments from Jacqui at the little shop of calm. Jacqui adapts her style & products to suit me - she is a lovely lady. Reflexology relaxes me whilst aromatherapy massage ensures my neck, back & shoulders are kept supple. Facials are delightful too. Highly recommended!

by Julie on Health Academics

I been lucky to have had both massage and Reflexology with Jacqui.She works with combination of intuition and using her trained professional practice skills.I felt a great sense of relaxation and calm after both treatments, and I will be booking again in the future and have recommended Jacqui to others.

by Megan on Health Academics

I had an indian head massage and it was absolutely amazing...I nearly dropped off to sleep. I loved the background music and the pressure was perfect for me 🙂

When can I have the next one?!

by Gina on Health Academics

Jacqui is a confident, experienced therapist who is comfortable adapting her pressure and style to the individual.

She makes you feel a million dollars: nurtured, relaxed and pampered whilst simultaneously using a whole host of healing techniques. A rare gem in the field of holistic therapists... I can't wait until my next ayurvedic massage.

Thank you Jacqui :0

by Rhiannon on Health Academics

I love having massages from Jacqui, they really ease my aching shoulders! Afterwards I am so relaxed and sleep better, my husband says I am spaced out, I call it blissed out 🙂

by Ceri Tucker on Health Academics

I have know Jacqui for a long time, during which I have had various treatments including a back massage which was amazing, more recently I had my first reflexology treatment with her which I wouldnt trust anyone else to do as I have a fear of people touching my feet! After the treatment I felt that I had a weight lifted off me, I felt released and my blocked sinuses had improved. I would highly recommend Jacqui to anyone especially if you are nervous about having a treatment, she put me at ease and talked me through what she was doing. Thank you Jacqui

by Jodie Shires on Health Academics

I have known Jacqui for a long time and can't believe I haven't had any treatments before. I had an aromatherapy back massage which was so relaxing and helped release the tension in the tops of my shoulders and neck. Can't wait for my next treatment, especially with the products that are used for the facials.:0

by W.E. on Health Academics

I have known Jacqui in her capacity as a complementary therapist for approx 6 years. Jacqui has worked with my client group: people with learning difficulties:

Jacqui has a calm reassuring manner and has been able to bring a great deal of pleasure to clients, that owing to their natural nervousness have often missed out on pleasant experiences in life. W.E.

by Anne Hogan on Health Academics

I have been very fortunate to have Jacqui provide a very professional back massage for over 5 years. Her personalised service is excellent and I really look forward to my regular relaxing back massage which keeps me supple and greatly relieves my aching shoulders and neck. Jacqui is a lovely caring professional lady who provides a first class service. Long may she continue.

by Jo on Health Academics

I opted for a foot and lower leg massage from Jacqui and can truthfully say i have rarely felt more relaxed.She is utterly professional and a lovely person to be around.Next treatment, a facial and another foot massage; I can't wait!

by Ray on Health Academics

I was always a little sceptical about this sort of thing, but I would highly recommend it. As a sufferer of back pain for 25years, all that I can say is that it works! Thanks Jacqui

by Giselle on Health Academics

I was lucky enough to have Jacqui highly recommended to me during my pregnancy. I had weekly massages during the last few months which were sheer bliss! They eased my lower back and hip pains a treat and lucky enough to have them in the comfort of my own home which allowed total relaxation after. Jacqui is an absolutley lovely Lady and I found it very easy to be comfortable with her. Even after my pregnancy I am having regular massages/Reflexology . I really look forward to them, fantastic!

by Carla on Health Academics

I had a massage from Jacqui when I was 7 months pregnant, and can honestly say, it was the most relaxed I felt through out the 9 months. Lovely lady, who will make you feel at ease within moments of meeting. x

by C. Beames on Health Academics

I have been receiving treatment from Jacqui for several months now and have felt the benefit. The service she provides is very professional, comfortable and very relaxing. I would advise anybody to give it a try as her prices are very reasonable and modesty is observed at all times which is one thing I was concerned about! Thank you Jacqui x