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…time to relax and unwind

…time to relax and unwind

…time to relax and unwind

Introduction to Indian Head Massage Workshop

Do you come home at the end of the day with tense shoulders?

Do you wish there was someone at home who could help?


This 3 hour introductory workshop will give you the basic skills to :

  • Reduce tension
  • Encourage relaxation
  • Promote better sleep

Techniques will be taught to loosen tight shoulders and neck and to soothe a tense scalp.

Learning with a friend or partner is a lovely way to be able to help each other.

A gift voucher makes a great present too!


£45 per person, including a manual and refreshments

(minimum of 2 people)

An advanced workshop will then be available should you wish to learn more.


Please note:

*This is not a practitioner course but is designed for use with family and friends only!

**This workshop does not replace a treatment by a qualified therapist but will give you the confidence for self help between treatments