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…time to relax and unwind

…time to relax and unwind

…time to relax and unwind

On-Site Chair Massage

On-site Chair Massage is a fully clothed massage that is carried out on a specially designed chair. It is based on a form of Japanese massage and works specifically on the stress release points of the neck, shoulders, arms and back. The concept of On-site Massage began in 1984 in Silicon Valley, USA, when David Palmer began giving massages to employees at Apple Computers. After sitting at their computers all day they were tired and stressed, so he devised a routine that relaxed while energising them.

This treatment is designed primarily to be delivered in the work place and, when given on a regular basis.

It is a wonderfully relaxing treatment. however, and be given at any time to release tension, relax and energise.

Treatment may help to: (especially when given on a regular basis)

  • Relieve tension
  • Improve mood
  • Create a general sense of well being

What to expect from a treatment:

  • Treatment takes place on a specially designed chair
  • Client remains fully clothed
  • No oils are used during treatment
  • Massage and pressure techniques are applied to back, shoulders, neck, arms and head
30 minutes £28.00